The More You Do Something,
The More It Becomes You, And You Become It.


My story

Johnny Buc Lockwood, or Coach Johnny, is dedicated to helping people and especially young people reach their goals.

Having lived a diverse life while pursuing a variety of academic, athletic, creative and entrepreneurial challenges for the past four decades, Johnny brings a no-nonsense approach to his coaching. Johnny has learned the value and importance of pursuing his dreams, setting goals, understanding and overcoming obstacles, while maintaining vision and direction.

As a former troubled teen, Coach Johnny was assisted by a life coach and mentor who guided him from failing out of high school to achieving academic, athletic and personal success. Accepted at Andover after turning his wayward teen life around, Johnny was recruited to play varsity hockey and baseball at The University of Vermont, where he graduated with a BA in English. A few years later he became a Research Fellow at The Institute of Politics at Harvard.

Feeling restless with academia, Johnny ventured off to NYC to pursue his passions where he started a band and established a Wall Street-based wealth management business. He succeeded in both endeavours. His band signed a record contract and played in venues around the country, while his wealth management business attracted and worked with Forbes 400 clients.

The past few years, Coach Johnny has been dedicated to expanding the impact of The 42 Initiative, a 501c3 non profit that he co founded with John Branca. The mission of The 42 Initiative is to bring together young students from all ethnic and economic backgrounds to participate together in Club 42 sports, esports, music and dance programs.

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Tuscan Dream

Recently Coach Johnny has been focusing on his work as the co-owner of Tuscan Dream, one of the leading Tuscany holiday rental specialists in Italy. Tuscan Dream commits to providing travelers from all over the world with the best and most magnificent Tuscany holiday homes and castles to enjoy the unique splendor of Tuscany's phenomenal land

Club 42

The past few years, Coach Johnny has been dedicated to expanding his charity, Club 42. The 42 Initiative, is a dynamic community based in Los Angeles, CA where youth from all corners are cultivated and supported on diverse pathways to success through sports, music, dance and esports programs. The 42 Initiative supports youth education through tuition awards, tutoring support, STEM classes and other academic opportunities.

Coach Johnny Quotes

"Real riches come from the ability to be at ease alone."

"Society deserves itself."

"Dysfunctional people are like an out of focus selfie...Their character is unrecognizable."

"God is harmony and harmony is all its earthly manifestations."

"If in life you don’t stand up for something, then life will for sure stand down on you."

"Success is not what you think it is, but rather what you feel it is."

"The pain we endure is to pay for the pleasures come before, and pleasures yet to come, our heartaches pay for some."

"Happiness is the ideal blend of wanting what you have and not having to have what you want."

"Strive to be someone who serves self and society at the same time."

"Free will means we have a choice, and every choice has a consequence."

"Without emotional composure, there can be no wisdom."

"Silence is the oxygen of creation."